The Nordic Game Experience

I’ve been home for almost a week from one of the most incredible experiences in my career as an actor so far; a very affirming and exciting time… and something that I will never forget.
I really didn’t know what to expect at the Nordic Game Conference, but what I encountered was completely wonderful and very exciting in so many ways.
It all began with a steak dinner at Jory’s favorite place. Dave and Eric arrived and we all met to talk and realize that yes, this was really happening! Another fun thing about that night was meeting a lot of Norwegians and some other really cool Nords and non-Nords too. Good dinner, great company.
I was there and it was real!
Wednesday was Indie Game Night at the Conference, so people were sharing their games; there was lots to drink and many business cards exchanged. It was especially fun because I spent most of the night hanging out with Tim Schafer, and Continue reading

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