Acting with Patience- pack light, stay strong

Time is an interesting thing. There have been moments in my life that I hope will never end, but there are also those times when I’m counting the moments until they’re over. Wishing time away is no good, but sometimes it’s the only way to sanity- if you’ve worked in customer service jobs, you know what I’m talking about.
Time is also a tricky sucker- especially involving goals and any sort of anticipation for the future. While I enjoy anticipation before travel, when it comes to goals, it can drive me nuts! I just want things to happen, and it takes so long sometimes … but the delicious thing about goals- tasting that first bit of success is incomparable.
2 weeks ago tonight I was sitting at home, drinking tea- watching something British, possibly involving zombies, or maybe just some unrealistic Jane Austen fantasy. I got that phone call from Beverly (Hills) that changed my outlook and actually woke me up to the possibilities beyond what I thought I could reach.
The whole adventure had a surreal tone to it because it all happened so fast.
I found out the following Monday that I needed to come to LA on Friday- so that meant scrambling for covering shifts at work, but also, getting my self down South.
Shifts covered, I rented a car and burned a lot of real rad cds and thanks to a super cool girl at the car rental place, I got a sweet lil red Jetta to transport me to my future.
The night before the session I received an email with the cast list and the script for the pilot episode. There were a lot of familiar names on there and mine was the only one I’d never heard of- (ha) but I have to say, it felt good to be included in this group of really brilliant Comedic actors.
The session ran from 9-1, and it was a bit overwhelming at the beginning, but I felt a part of things as time went on, and I love the character I’m playing.
Being in the studio, recording with all the other actors was an incredible treat and such a nerd out fest of happiness for me! Watching other actors do their thing is so much fun, and very inspiring. I’ve only had a few jobs where I got to record with the cast, so this was really special. I kept reminding myself where I was, just feeling so incredibly thankful that I had made it that far.
As excited as I am, I am keeping everything in perspective. My fingers are crossed that this show gets picked up, but I also know that this is a pretty amazing opportunity for me and I am just thinking of it as a one time job- if it goes further, then I will probably freak out a lot.
We’ll wait for that.
I have worked so hard to get where I am in this business today… I know nothing comes easy and for that reason I appreciate things intensely… there are things in life that are definitely worth working for – and waiting for. Patience and strength of character are part of it. Talent figures in there of course. Be nice, don’t be a jerk- entitlement is an ugly thing. Being gracious and modest is lovely. Do the work! Leave your baggage behind.
We all question ourselves from time to time- but our strength lies in our experience and belief in something better. It’s not easy- but it helps you appreciate the victories- big and small- all the more.
As for me, I will continue my journey as I have. Packing only what I need, and doing my best.

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