Animation on Display 2014

Last weekend I had the opportunity to be on a panel with a large amount of the cast from Telltale Games- The Walking Dead at Animation on Display in San Francisco.

Animation on Display, San Francisco 2014

Animation on Display, San Francisco 2014

It was great to see some amazing cosplayers, meet some fans (!!) and have fun sharing a really special experience in our lives. Being a part of The Walking Dead Game has been a fantastic experience for all involved- it was surprising in a lot of ways and the excitement surrounding the game is still growing!
I’m especially proud of this game because so many of us in the cast are from the San Francisco area. Sitting on that stage, looking out into the audience was very cool for all of us. This is our home and to work on something we love doing so much- so close to home really can’t be beat. It feels incredible to have all that support and feel genuine sincerity about how TWD game has affected so many.

After the panel, I sat with Nic Vigil (Carley) and Cissy Jones (Katjaa/Jolene/Brie WD Season 1) (Shel/Dee WD 400 Days) to sign autographs (amazing!) and goof off a little bit.

me, Nic and Cissy zombified.

Me, Nic and Cissy zombified.

We enjoyed ourselves. 🙂

I hope we all can get together and do it again soon. Thank you to all the fans of the game who made the trip out to see us- answering your questions took me back to recording Lilly’s story  — it was all so intense, and I loved every moment of it.



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