Beckham, Vanity Fair, and me

One of my first big breaks in voice acting was in a web cartoon called “Piki and Poko: Adventures in Starland”. Piki Matsumoto and Poko Shizumitsu are best friends out to save Starland- they meet all kinds of interesting characters and learn a lot about themselves in the process- you could never predict a moment in this series! It was produced by Mondo Mini Shows in San Francisco. We worked on it for a few years; it was a brilliant time! It was so much fun to go to Mondo Media and see all the creativity buzzing everywhere- so many ideas, so much excitement.

We recorded over 30 episodes, and the story was just getting better and crazier! Unfortunately, the dot com crash happened and we had to stop production in 2001. It was so disappointing.
Piki and Poko kept coming back though….
We were featured in a few film festivals in San Francisco, but the most exciting one was the Film Arts Festival of Independent Cinema, where we were shown before a really badass documentary about Stunt Women called Double Dare. It was so weird and rad and kinda crazy to hear my voice on the big screen in a beautiful theater like The Castro! A very memorable morning, indeed.

Piki Poko - Nicki Rapp

Piki and Poko, Film Arts Festival, Castro Theater, November 2003

In 2003 I moved to New York City and was lucky to be connected with Mary Lyn Maiscott, a writer for Vanity Fair. I had mentioned Piki and Poko to her and she became interested in writing a little piece about the series. It was quite a day when the issue came out- I was all alone and went into a Walgreen’s….

David Beckham and me

David Beckham and me

uuuuh. oooooo…….

Ohh right- yea… the article…

Ok … so I pick up the magazine, found the article… and being alone in my moment, I blurted out to the first random New Yorker I saw that I, Nicki Rapp, am in an issue of Vanity Fair!!!! (with Beckham on the cover) hehe
Unsurprisingly, I was looked upon quite quizzically- got that, “You’re not from here, are you?” look. I was pretty used to that expression 🙂
To be fair, it was a pretty big deal!
Standing in that Walgreens on W.169th and Broadway, seeing my name in glossy print and squealing a “teeny” bit was pretty tame, for me anyway. hehehe

 Piki and Poko: Nicki Rapp

Piki and Poko: Adventures In Starland, Vanity Fair July 2004

I’m very thankful for every job I book, but being involved in this particular project will always be up there for me. The people I worked with were all amazing, creative, and ahead of the time. It was very special, and I hope more people will discover its gorgeous
quirkiness and epic story. All the episodes of Piki and Poko: Adventures In Starland are on youtube; I encourage you to check them out!

I see you, Monkey Flower…

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