Broken Age!

I had been waiting very patiently: crossing my fingers, wishing on stars, my left shoes full of heads-up pennies… and it happened. I am so excited to be a part of another Double Fine Adventure!
Double Fine is the best because there is so much thoughtfulness and beauty mixed in with brilliant writing and insane silliness. Always a lot of giggling. My first session was definitely all that and I got a ride to the train in Tim Schafer’s sweet wheels!

Tim Schafer even has a rad car.

Tim Schafer even has a rad car.

As for the game itself, here is a lovely teaser trailer to pique your interest:

It is also very exciting to be in this game because of the cast… some amazing actors to be in the company of… my boyfriend Raz (Richard Horvitz) from Psychonauts is in there too!

Omg, really…. and I get to be in a game with Jennifer Hale and Jack Black too?!? I may never meet them but I’m a little starstruck over here.

My session was extremely fun- this is my character, a sassy Druid named “Dead Eye Courtney”.

Dead Eye Courtney.

Dead Eye Courtney.

Tim was there and the fantastic director Khris Brown was making it all happen in her ultimate badass and SO MUCH FUN way- even over skype- in Montreal! I love working with them; they are an amazing team.


When opportunities like this come along, I am a glowing ginger ball of gratefulness. I get to work with amazing people and play all the time! I am so excited about this project- it’s a huge group effort put together by people who love what they do and by those who want to support more of that goodness. It is such an exciting process and it will be wonderful to see the adventure come together. I will definitely be sharing more along the way…

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