Figurines and Cosplay. Oh my!

Being an artist is not for the faint hearted. I know that I definitely have my ups and downs with this business. I’m always hustling for the next opportunity, but the reality is, I apply for jobs almost every single day that I don’t get. My only choice is to believe that with the down times, hopefully the ups won’t be too far behind- I’m very thankful and lucky to know how that feels. Can it just happen soon, please?
I haven’t given up and I don’t plan on it anytime soon … but in this moment, some pretty cool things have come to my attention that have given me cause to smile- and I wanted to share.


Lili Zanotto, my alter ego 🙂

Being a part of Psychonauts is a gift that I didn’t realize the full awesomeness of at the time the game came out. It seems it has gained popularity through the years; very well deserved! The sessions went on for 5 years and being “Lili” was like a super fun present I got to reopen, over and over again. This year at PAXDoublefine rolled out the Psychonauts Figurines and I can’t wait to get my hands on ’em!



A big goal of mine over the past few years is to be a part of a Con as a guest. I’ve been wanting this for awhile because I love meeting fans of the games and work I’ve done. I’m really hoping that in the next year it will happen. Alas, in the end It’s not up to me, so I just have to be patient and hope for the chance.
My dear friend and amazing artist, AJ Moore, travels non-stop all year round to Cons promoting his comic, The Super Newts, his children’s book, The Adventures of Dorse and Doose, and some pretty amazing Fan Art and Prints. I love when he sends me photos of cosplay from some projects I’ve been in, and lately, it has been people being Sims! Not only is it really rad, but more importantly it’s a reminder of the relevance of what I do- and sometimes, I admit… I need that validation.

she's naked!!

sul sul! A naked Sim!

Love her blue hair with the Pumbob!

Love her hair with the Plumbob!

One of these days I’ll be there myself meeting the fans, and for 2014, it’s gotta happen- and I plan to be the one to snap these shots!
Perhaps this post is a bit too heavy, but sometimes I just gotta be real. I love what I do and in my experience, when you love something, it is not easy all the time. It can wreck your heart and head a whole lot. When you truly earn things-  especially when blood, sweat and tears are involved (oh yea, a lot of those) you appreciate it so much more. This is something I have to remind myself.
When things are flowing though … there is nothing like it.
I do know for sure, when my moment comes again- I will savor it as much as I can. Uh huh. That savoring is going to be epic.

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