Konsplosion Recap

September is my birthday month, and it’s even better when it is a month full of adventures. This September was definitely one to remember!

It started off with a trip to Salt Lake City Comic Con where I assisted Artist AJ Moore sell his amazing work.
Aj_SLCComicCon_2014 It was the greatest way to spend my birthday; I had a blast! I was home for about 3 days and then, once again I traveled somewhere new: Fort Smith, Arkansas for Konsplosion!!
IMG_4580As I’ve written before, I’ve been wanting to participate in Cons for awhile now, and I’ve had a goal to really get some under my belt this year- not doing too bad! I arrived pretty late at the beautiful Fort Smith Airport (really, their bathroom won an award!), but was met at the airport by a new friend, Jennifer. She took me to my hotel and even drove me across a bridge so I could say I’d been in Oklahoma too!
The hotel was connected to the Convention Center, so I got to look around and meet some of the staff- Brooklyn, who makes the magic of the con happen, welcomed me with open arms, and I was so happy to be there.  Another welcome was some delicious enchiladas- courtesy of our amazing chef, Bobbikay. After traveling all day, I was really ready for some hot cheese.
BobbiKay_Konsplosion_2014Throughout the weekend I had a variety of panels- I talked a lot about Telltale’s The Walking Dead, how it was to be Lilly and be super angry as that character, when most of the time in my real life I’m giggling. hahahaa
Tales of Monkey Island got some love, and people stopped me all the time telling me how much they loved Psychonauts– but my favorite was when people told me I was part of their childhood when they played The Sims. That’s a really cool compliment, and it gives me great joy that I probably had a lot of tantrums and peed my pants for them- and that the giggle sauce was always laid on really thick 😉One new friend in particular who really made me feel amazing was Lee Ann. She is a huge fan of Telltale’s The Walking Dead and although she actually thought I was Clementine when we met (hehe)- she is a true fan of Lilly, and meeting her was fantastic! She is now playing Tales of Monkey Island- and I love that because of Konsplosion she has found another favorite character in Morgan LeFlay 😀
IMG_4560The whole weekend was super fun and I made so many new friends. BobbiKay made Chocolate gravy for biscuits on Sunday morning – those were like the cherry on top….
uh huh. you gotta try that.
Right after those chocolately biscuits though- I had a panel where I was going to talk about being in The Sims. My group was small but mighty- 11 am on a Sunday morning, I was thrilled they all attended. A little while into my Simlishy talk, a Dad came in with his 3 kids- all wearing plumbobs!! It was so special and really made me happy. After they settled in, the little fella proclaimed he was “booooored”…. so I asked him to join me at the table- he took over the microphone and totally stole the show!
IMG_4572IMG_4573I am so grateful for all the events of the weekend, and how welcomed I felt to a place I never thought I’d go. The staff was a lot of fun to be around and I really hope our paths cross again! Unfortunately, this isn’t everyone- I really wish I’d gotten everyone together. Thank you Konsplosion for a southern adventure I will never forget ♥


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