Los Angeles… the land of possibility- and traffic

Once again I have made the trek down south- well, it was in a Volvo named “Sven”… and the land we traveled to was the fabled world of Los Angeles.
I went to drama school in this world and it wasn’t my ideal. I did love school and all I learned but the living environment down here is so different. I grew up in a beautiful place- Santa Rosa, California- close to the giant Redwoods and the coast, clear air and a wonderful mellow vibe.
All in all during this trip, I got some auditions in and I feel really good and excited for the possibilities that LA could bring into my life. Time to (try to) set aside those feelings of annoyance and doubt and gain some new patience. It’s not easy, but I gotta be flexible with this. Like sitting in traffic, I need to take those deep breathes and move forward even if it’s just inch by inch. Even if I feel like screaming!
This is a new market and with it comes new challenges.
As a dear friend reminded me today- it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Nicki Rapp in Los Angeles

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