One of those days

Today I experienced one of the ways you can be rejected in this business.
As an actor, you pretty much sign up for this kind of thing- and I have tried
to not let things get to me- to do the audition, and just move on.
Well today I got notice that my “availability” was checked for a booking…
I did this particular audition over the weekend and felt really good about it-
and in hindsight, put more pressure on myself than I should’ve. I felt so positive about it!
I got the email right after work at the cafe, and was really excited- it was so fun and I felt really thankful.
The session is tomorrow, so I was waiting to hear back on times and location.

That’s when I got the email…
“Released : ( ”
Yes, that frownie face was there too. On the screen and on my face.
UGGH. It’s really hard to get your hopes up and then it doesn’t work out-
I suppose that’s just life- and this is work.
At school we learned “Selection not rejection”.
Logical, yes. But does it make it easier?
Not so much.
All I can do is move forward with confidence for my next opportunity…
certainly makes me thankful for all the “Check Avails” that came through for me.
For now, I’ll be back in the closet making a lotta noise (get your mind outta the gutter hehe)
and getting those jobs!!

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