The day the BBC rang me

BBC Interview with Nicki Rapp

A few months ago I was working in the cafe and during my 10 minute break, I noticed an email from the BBC.
This is not entirely strange, as I get news alerts from them all the time … but this one said, “BBC: Interview Request”.
I sat there with my Kale smoothie in complete shock. Me? The BBC??
I kept reading the email over and over….
WOW. This was really happening.

WAKE UP CALL: break finished, I walk out to a huge mess of spilled Chai all over the floor.
I grabbed that mop and swooshed it up with a dazed smile….
Got me back to reality real quick.

One morning soon after, I got a phone call from Mark Savage, from the BBC in London! I’m pretty sure I talked his ear off; we had a lot of fun. This all went down in July, so I have been waiting in loving anticipation for the interview to come out….
to really SEE that it actually did happen!!

So here it is! Charles Martinet, who plays Super Mario- and Michael Mando from “Far Cry 3” are also featured. Feels good to be in such amazing company!!
Read the full article on the BBC here!

This is one of those moments that I will never forget.


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