The Walking Dead invade Oslo!

mah beelarm badge!

mah beelarm badge!

I still can’t believe I’m saying this…. but just last week I was across the world doing some talking…. I spoke in English, and actually, quite a lot of Simlish. Funnily enough, the language of the country was the last thing I spoke! I traveled to Oslo, Norway to by:larm, a seriously amazing music/interactive festival where Jory Prum, Melissa Hutchison and I talked about our experiences in Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead.

Jory Prum, Melissa Hutchison, Nicki Rapp

Jory Prum, Melissa Hutchison, Nicki Rapp

We sat in the comfy chairs and Jory interviewed us, and also shared a lot of the phenomenal sound design of the game. He played some footage, including one of my favorite reactions to a particularly intense part of the game. If you haven’t played and plan to, you may not want to watch this!

Thanks to that AMAZING Girl From Aus for your brilliant and sincere reaction.

Last May I had the incredible luck to attend Nordic Game in Malmo, Sweden, where we also spoke of the game, so to be invited back to such an amazing part of the world pretty much blew my mind. The opportunity to live my passions even more through travel was beyond my wildest dreams. Each experience is fantastic!
It was a very quick trip, not even a week. Sure…. there was jet lag, $30 burgers and a very leaky pair of boots…. but there was also incredible music, fantastic art and history, and a whole lot of new friends. The panel was a lot of fun- Jory, Melissa and I are friends, so we feel pretty relaxed; kinda like we’re just hanging out on a couch, chatting. It’s amazing how the memories of recording the game always come back to me so vividly- such a special but totally heart wrenching experience.|

I’m exceedingly grateful to PressFire for including us in a brand new part of the festival… it was an incredible honor and we felt so welcome. We had a super rad hotel to stay warm and cozy in and the best breakfast buffet I have ever seen…. I still dream of it! I hope to be back again next year- I gotta take that train to Bergen 🙂
Another really cool part of traveling in Europe for me has been the amazing following of loyal Sims fans. I’m not joking when I say I spoke a lot of Simlish during this trip! In America, some people aren’t really interested in it once they realize I’m in The Sims, not The Simpsons- so the warm reception and love for the game has renewed my fondness and appreciation for it as well…. so many great memories.

Thank you again to Stars Agency for booking us on this incredible job that has become one of the greatest adventures in my life! Also to Telltale Games who have consistently given me amazing chances with challenging characters to play… they make me even happier I’ve never gave up on my dreams.
Being a voice actor is a fantastic job-
but it’s not easy.
You have to work hard- and then keep working harder. When a project like The Walking Dead comes along- something that has united so many people- to say we are all incredibly grateful is an understatement.
I count my blessings daily and all the people who believe in me and helped me along this epic adventure. Hard work is one thing, but being alone in it can make it almost impossible. Having support can make the difference ♥.
I still have so many characters to be and I know they are ready to see the world too-
I have plenty of room in my carry on… 😉

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