The Walking Dead: Lilly Highlights

Some people didn’t know I had all that in me…. even I wasn’t sure! Thankfully, Telltale Games saw it- and the rest is history.
Lilly is not known for her bright and sparkling personality; I don’t even know if she can really smile. She is tough and harsh, and doesn’t let go of things- some with very good reason …but if I may offer some advice: make sure to get out of the way when she has reached her boiling point – it probably won’t end well.
This video is heavy with some “expressive language”, which honestly, I was really excited to express. Giggling is fun, but when I get to play scenes like these, I am over the moon! When all is said and done, I am back to smiling and loving every moment of the job I get to do. Gigantic thanks to Gudfit Entertainment and
AJ Moore for making me look so good!

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