Voice Acting 2013. Seriously playin’!

With January 2013 in full swing, I have embarked upon my 14th year of being a working voice actor. I’ve been thinking about the thousands of auditions- the ones I wanted that I booked, and the ones that slipped away… jeeze, at the beginning it was so hard to do it and let it go- it was a tough lesson for me to learn- you simply cannot wreck your own head after reading for stuff!
I used to have a bit of a drive to get to my auditions in San Francisco, and I would go over and over what I did in my head on the trip home- analyzing it until I would feel like I completely failed. It was terrible. We truly are our own worst critics and I’m surprised I haven’t attained some sort of medal for being a jerk to myself.
That being said, when things finally started to click, I discovered my strengths and weaknesses pretty quickly. I think a very important part of being an Artist is knowing your niche. It isn’t a bad thing, it’s just realistic. We all want to be the best we can be and it feels good when you find your spot.
People are always pretty fascinated when I tell them what I do- saying, “oooh I can hear it! You have such a quirky voice!” I’ve mentioned before that when I was in drama school my teachers told me that having an acting career would be a struggle for me because of how I sound- but through all my years of training, something that is so incredibly cool to me is how I have learned to play with my voice, to take chances with it and to just risk sounding stupid! Through all these auditions, these analyzations of beating myself up over something silly, you just never know what you will find- and that little weird thing you said, maybe turning the phrase down instead of up, adding that little giggle- could get you the job.

2012 was a pretty amazing year for moving forward with my work, and I am so thankful for the support I’ve had, and also the inspiration that keeps me going when I get those stinkin doubts. Unfortunately, that still happens… I don’t think those jerks will ever really go away. But- I believe that we can always learn, always get better. I have never really had any singing lessons, but I learned to sing by listening to Broadway musicals. I have learned so much about being a voice actor from just listening as well as I can. I’ve also taken many classes and stayed focused on what I want. Always learning the subtle nuances and styles… always something new to work on.

Last year was full of surprises, and I hope this year does not disappoint… consistency is key- and when things are going well- it just means it’s time to work harder!
With a new year comes reflections of the past one, and hopefully more insight and knowledge to guide us all into a fresh new beginning. This year I will continue to work diligently and keep on moving toward my own goals… I always have at least one real big one to build on, as we all should. Happy New Year to all! Whatever you’re dreamin of, take that leap. Taking the chance will bring you so much more than I can put into words… the courage and chutzpah and total bad-assery.

Morgan LeFlay - Nicki Rapp

Morgan LeFlay – Nicki Rapp

Dreams ventured are gifts to ourselves.
This is no time to sit still! It’s a good time to be brave.

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