Voice Acting is a journey and you might get lucky with a Pilot…!

I’ve always been a goal oriented person. Whether it is a little goal like making sure I don’t laugh at people’s ridiculous coffee drink orders….
Nicki Rapp Coffee

Never mind, that does not work.

Let’s talk bigger goals: ya know, career and life stuff. The stuff you work your ass off for because your heart and soul and brain are all in for the struggle… but also for the victories, large and small. To be an artist in everyday life is not easy. It takes a certain kind of passion that incorporates tons of patience and perseverance and lots of wishes and big dreams- but most importantly- never giving up.
In the past year especially, that career kind of stuff has been catching up to my dreams- and that feels pretty gratifying.
That being said, I have worked for a long time to capture and relish in my goals…. and in the last few weeks, they came closer than ever. In the denouement of this chapter, a certain goal I have had since I decided I wanted to be a voice actor has come true. While I doubt I will ever feel that I have completely captured or am at a place to truly
relish my success…. I am really excited about the possibilities ahead. Now I plan on working even harder.
About a month ago I got an audition for an Animated short, and I read for a character that satisfied so many of my bratty, mischievous urges. I felt so good about it- like I really understood this kid… now- this is good, and it can be bad. It’s tricky when you read for something and you end up wanting it, a lot. Sometimes though, it just feels right… and it stays in your brain- you can’t deny it. An unfortunate hope!
Amazingly, a few weeks later, I got a callback. Oh My GOODNESS.
Ok, so I need to fly to Burbank. I need to get an airplane ticket!!! Holy shit!
Wow. Nothing has happened and I am freaking out!!! Oh my… ok soooo wow… Is this really happening? uuugh I need to be awesome. Oh oh oh jeeze my nerves!!!!

Luckily, I have some amazing friends- Becky and Bill who are both ‘Sims’ with me – and they both live in Los Angeles. I am so thankful for them- they guided me through this exciting adventure, and nurtured me with valuable advice and encouragement.
I made it through the callback and felt really good about it- but this is Los Angeles- a new market for me, and realistically, I know I’m the new kid in town. I gotta be real!
Flew home, drank my kale shakes, did my auditions, worked at the cafe (tried not to make faces)… just got on with my life. Of course it was on my mind, but I tried to let it go.

Friday night, November 30, 2012. Around 6:00 pm I got a phone call…. from Beverly Hills.
Hmmmmm…. could it be? Hope sure is tricky stuff. Do I dare go let myself go there…??
I pick up- and it was INDEED the call I had been hoping for but never thought I would get! I booked that very character for a pilot on a network I have wanted to work for since the day I stepped into a recording booth!! I burst into tears. I was truly surprised and at this very moment, I still feel like it is still soaking in. I understand that it is a pilot, and who knows what may happen from this point on… but I had a goal. A goal I’ve had for years but never really believed I could get close to until pretty recently- and … I did it!!! I am so blessed to have people in my life who encourage me to reach higher because they do it on a daily basis- this means getting up before the sun- sacrificing sleep and a bit of your sanity- and sometimes taking a lot of shit from people who say you can’t do it.
This is the stuff that needs to be shut down. Another thing we need to do ourselves, but if it’s in your soul, you will persevere, because you have no choice.
When we surround ourselves with people who work tirelessly to meet their goals, live their dreams- to make life better for their family- there is really no better inspiration. These are the reasons why I work so hard. When we do what we love we are happier people- and then we can be better for those we love, being more open, patient- and gracious.
One thing I know is that I am glad I have never given up. When I think of all the years I have worked to get here, I can’t help but smile and know that I will continue to reach even higher.
Next goal?
I’ll tell ya when I get there. And I am gonna get there!

Nicki Rapp at the Mic

Hard work pays off. You can’t be a slacker if you want more!

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